Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Just read this court document folk's and then read on:- http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2007/762.html

"US foreign policy is akin to Government-sponsored terrorism these days … It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year … I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels … " This was Gary McKinnon right under his mothers nose and yet hours ago Home Secretary Theresa May had stopped the extradition to the US for his crimes. The self-confessed computer hacker from north London cannot be sent to the US to face trial due to fears for his health, as he has Asperger's syndrome - a high-functioning form of autism. Does it matter if he had cancer, no legs, a missing heart??? - NO. What Gary McKinnon committed is inexcusable. Gary himself knew what he was doing, he so called said, " I was looking for evidence of UFO activity in the American system"!!! He knew what he was doing, he knew how to do it and yet told no one of his activities. Gary McKinnon is a very shrewd operator, if you asked me to hack into a military holding or NASA, I couldn't even begin to know where to begin. Surely his mother would at least have some idea what he was up to. Now fuck me I've just come across this:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4PkNPCEnJM&feature=player_embedded#! This guy is very clever!!! Sorry but I have to end this with - you should be locked for the rest of your life you fucker. You could have started a new world war you fucker. 100 Years you wanker - Asperger's my arse.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tulisa - Her Story, So Far Far Fetched More Like!!!

Well you gotta hand it to the girl - she done good!!! Eh? Well, she's been in N-Dubz, she's set out on a career as a judge on the X-Factor, oh and she's had a platinum number 1 disc and there's me thinking at 47 I'd missed the boat. Wait till you read this then come back to me. http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/blogs/now-says/539244/i-ve-read-x-factor-tulisa-s-autobiography-and-i-ve-now-got-a-new-found-respect-for-her

Well let's take a bigger look at the picture here shall we folk's and don't forget to come back to me again.

Now then the question you have to ask yourselves and I'm sure every parent does of a teenager is, "where the hell is that son/daughter of mine now". Well obviously not Mr & Mrs Contostavlos, their daughter was out having sex and taking drugs at 14.  Yet, Now Daily hail her as a hero, a model citizen for the youth of today!!! Great, so let's get her down to all the school's across the land and preach the millions of teenage girls and tell them it okay to have sex and take drug's and get into gangland fight's. Now, I too have read extracts from the Sun and it make's for very bleak reading. The one thing that everyone has missed by the way is this very sad fact, Tulisa will not be donating any part of her £20...yes I said £20 book price, to inner-city schools OR institutions that help teenager's, boy or girl, stay on the straight and narrow - that's the sad fact folk's and no where in any press statement or net find does she say she will!!!

"And I reckon Tulisa will be proud if her words help young girls to make better choices in life and wait until they're a bit older before doing things - like taking drugs and having sex - that can't be taken back", this right from Now Daily, what are these teenage girl's going to do, steal the book from WH Smith's like she claim's she stole in life - well actually mugged. Tell you what Tulisa, bring your book price down to £5, well we are in a recession, and I might buy it for my daughter and see if she can pick up a few tips on how to rob, be in a gang, have sex, take drug's and all the same shit that these so called star's like you come out with every year. Her mummy knows exactly where she is, studying to make a life for herself, not go and rob someone who has more than her in life!!!

Adele, did she come from a gang, did she rob from someone in the street, did she take drugs - No. She had a weight issue for which the world has now gone crazy for and she's settled. Tulisa however goes from the frying pan into the fire, remember THAT sex tape - oooohhhh it just won't go away she cries. Anyone girl getting this far in the story...would you really trust a lad with his phone in his hand saying, "oh, I'm just calling my mate luv" Come on Tulisa, to be part of YOUR WORLD and in with your mates, you have to show your "down wiv dem" By Jeez Tulisa, you weren't naive to know what was going on. "But I didn't think he'd do that", she cries. Trust me I know Tulisa, when you become a star in this country and you think you've made it, one paper will find out more about you than you knew about yourself - THE SUN. They can track every star's movements even where they had lunch etc but they can't track a father who owes shit loads in maintenance and that is the world we live in.

Well Tulisa, it was a nice touch anyway to do a YouTube presentation about how life has been unfair and dam that sex tape, when what you should have been preaching was about girls staying out of trouble and staying in school. Hey I know, why don't you join the massive army of women like you who are now doing little girls books like:-

Where the Wild Things Are?  - In the park beating up some poor soul.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar? - That could be about a smack head that's got the munchies.
Guess How Much I Love You? - I'm just texting me mate!
Go, Dog, Go! - Justin Edwards mates watching on their phones!

 I could go on but...nah better not. Tulisa if I were you I'd be signing up right now for schools across the country, shopping center "walk in clinics" and start to re-educate kids on what they should be doing right  and even give at least half of your book sales to poor inner-city kids even set up music clubs etc. Your the so-called voice of the youth and yet you were voted the "sexiest women" by readers of FHM...mmmm the mind ponders yet again. All I ask of you Tulisa is don't get beyond your station, in Hollywood there are many many stairs and lift's that lead all to the ground floor and if your not careful you may find yourself back in that inner-city squalid you called home...Once Upon A Time Not So Long Ago....

Nuff Sed.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Death In Duty - Loved By The Community

My heart, my prayers and my sorrows go to the two very brave police officers who were called to what should have been an ordinary routine burglary call out today. What lay in wait for them was the most appalling act of barbaric behavior that the world has known in this, the year 2012. PC Fiona Bone 32 and PC Nicola Hughes 23, were responding to a call from base control of a possible burglary in the Hattersley area. As police do, sirens blaring, they turned up to an address in the hope of catching a culprit and arrest them. The next scene is what can only be described as coming from a film!!! Both police officers were shot at by a man at point-blank range, a total of ten shots echoed around the estate but what came next would make even the most hardened underworld criminals shake in their long overcoats. The man then threw a grenade at the police officers which would have almost instantly killed them.

As you read this now, I could send an email to Australia and get a reply back in less than a minute because this is 2012. So why and most importantly in today’s society is anyone throwing a grenade that is reserved for the battlefields of yesteryear. Are we really living in a society where somebody who knows somebody can actually get there hands on this type of military hardware?

Without getting too political, the two positive aims that will come out of this are, Mr Cameron will now have to beef up police uniforms and hopefully more importantly the police will have the power to conduct more stop and searches. If someone is walking around with grenades on them with the intent to use them to kill or maim, then what of our society, what of are children. Yes, I agree there is far too much violence both in the video games that are played, the films that we watch and also the music we listen to. Its not uncommon to walk past a car with its windows down and music blaring with the lyrics, “put another in the chamber” pouring onto the pavement. Are these the same pavements I used to play hopscotch on or are these the streets of Syria where the first toy a ten year old holds, is an AK47!!!

To all the officers at GMP and across the country, I am behind you, I respect you, I think you do such a wonderful job for the limited pay you get. Once again though, my prayers go to the families, partners and friends we have lost in the force and we will fight to the bitter end to get the justice we deserve.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

“Arise Sir Gary Barlow”

If you would have told Gary Barlow in 1989 after he'd signed with Nigel Martin-Smith, that 23 years later he would be staging one of the world's biggest outdoor pop concerts in recognition of the Queen's 60 years on the throne, he would have laughed at you with that cheeky boyish grin. Well Ladies & Gentlemen, that, is exactly what he has done and for that I would myself most dearly award him a knighthood. Here is a boy that became a man almost overnight due mostly for his love of music. By the time he was ten all he wanted for Christmas was a keyboard having watched Depeche Mode on Top of The Pops. As with all good fairy tales...the rest is history.

He's had his fair share of knocks from the press over the years regarding his bland music/lyrics, his dress sense and his biggest demon...weight issues. I have followed Gary & Co's career closely and have not once found a bad song written by him yet. As I watched the other night on TV a documentary on Gary's making of the single Sing for the Queen's Jubilee, I was astounded at just how far his career behind the scenes has risen. He was meticulous in finding a common ground for his lyrics in the song, that he spent weeks on the road, travelling the Commonwealth to find musicians to include on the single – a massive 200 in all. I bet Robbie’s £80m EMI deal seems very small to what is about to bestow Gary. A massive well done and boy do you now deserve a knighthood.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Wishing all my readers and future readers a very Merry Christmas. May you get drunk, fed, rested and ready for a new year onslaught from you know who??? Love John xxxx

Monday, 13 December 2010

Just Another Door Matt

So here he is folks 2010 X-Factor winner Matt Cardle - thank Christ it's all over now. Well he's been given a £1 million quid to get him up and running in the record business thanks to Simon Cowell. Have you noticed anything about this business folks? When we have a winner on these shows, they're always only given a £1 million to get that all important album out. Well as I see it, if Rooney can land an extra £100,000 a week I'm sure Matt should be asking for at least £2 million - just a thought. Well good luck to yer son at least Cher didn't win, she did whinge though. Oh and by the way Matt...get a shave, you look like a tramp.

A United Miners

So here are a few of the rescued miners of the Chilean Miners Disaster. Guess what folks, they've just been invited to a full VIP trip with all the trimmings to Manchester United to see the stadium and Alex Ferguson. Wow how will they see it all with those bloody glasses on!!! And my point here? Every day our troops risk life and limb to protect this country and when they come home what do they get...fuck all! Spat at by non-residents, told they'll have to wait 4 years for any claim relating in a lost limb etc. When that plane lands in Manchester Airport it should be re-fuelled and sent back to Chile along with those so called heroes, £250 pair of glasses each huh! What about our lads back packs, fuck all in there worth £250 is there!!!